Tamara Kissane

Tamara Kissane, Playwright

avatarTamara Kissane has been a playwright in Durham since 2002.  Her stage-plays have been produced by both hands theatre company, Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern and Women’s Theatre Festival. Her stage-plays, The New Colossus and Master Builder were commissioned and performed by Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern in 2016 & 2018.  She is the host of Artist Soapbox, a weekly podcast featuring original audio fiction and interviews with Triangle/NC artists about their creative process.  She has worked with University Theatre at NC State, Manbites Dog Theater, The ArtsCenter in Carrboro, Duke Theatre Studies, Transactors Improv, Summer Sisters, Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern, Archipelago and both hands theatre company.

For more information about Tamara, please visit her website.

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Based on my own experience and conversations with other playwrights, I believe that accessibility, encouragement, and community are the linchpins for a thriving writing practice. Writers lose momentum without access to the tools needed for their craft, without the opportunity to share their work with the community, and without dedicated motivators and mentors to help them navigate creative obstacles. It saddens me to consider the number of transformative plays, screenplays and other written works that are lost to us, half-written and abandoned at the bottom of a discouraged writer’s drawer. It saddens me to consider the number of existing excellent plays and screenplays that are unknown to our community members. As Piedmont Laureate, it would be my aim to make a positive impact on both. As a playwright and audio fiction writer, I hope to share my own works in progress, and encourage others to do that same. I hope to serve our region by showcasing the excellent writing being generated here and by empowering upcoming writers to share their voices with the world.