Although it still feels like summer, fall is surely around the corner. I hope you will have fun with these fall-themed writing prompts!

Fall is resplendent with vibrant, fiery colors. Write about a fiery conversation—an argument or a shocking revelation.

Many people like to get outside during the fall. Do you want the pacing of your story to feel like a strenuous mountain climb? Or a leisurely stroll around a lake?

Fall can be a time of preparation as we hunker down for winter. Is your main character a planner? Do they look ahead with comfort or trepidation? Why?

Write about your favorite or least favorite fall traditions. Pumpkin carving? Raking leaves? Ghost stories by a campfire? Hot chai lattes?

Consider a literal “falling down.” What’s the worst thing that will happen to your character in this story? Will they get back up? How?

Photo credit: Hayley Maxwell via Unsplash