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The path to creating the life you want begins with knowing who you are. Brené Brown

It’s a noisy world out there. Sometimes you might feel overwhelmed or confused when trying to decide what to write.

Market trends come and go. Chasing them can become a pointless exercise.

Some people in your life may have good advice, but it might not gel with your preferences. Your great-aunt may want you to write a murder mystery, whereas you can’t stop thinking about a high fantasy. Your agent might push for a steamy urban romance, but your imagination is swirling with images of a cozy English cottage.

Who do you listen to when it comes to your writing?

I’d like to suggest tuning out the noise and dialing in to your authentic writer self.

I define “authentic writer self” as who are you (as a writer) when nobody is looking. Nobody is peering over your shoulder. You aren’t scrolling through the latest publishing advice on social media. You’re alone with your thoughts and a blinking cursor.

Your writing voice is unique just as you are. And when you approach the page authentically, you will write with more clarity, vulnerability, and insight.

As you consider your authentic writer self, these questions might help:

  • What are your favorite books (regardless of their wider popularity)?
  • What are your non-writing hobbies?
  • What stories/articles have you bookmarked?
  • What ideas/stories are you excited to talk about or share with friends?
  • What would you write if you knew it would be your last project?