Photo courtesy of Anders Nord via Unsplash

Hope your summer has been good so far and that these writing prompts might be fun to play around with. Happy writing!

What is your main character’s favorite summer tradition? Did they grow up telling ghost stories by a campfire or catching lightning bugs in a jar? Skipping stones across a pond? Riding their bike?

Write about a summer treat. This might be a dip in the lake, an ice cream cone, grabbing a book from a favorite independent bookstore, getting off work while it’s still light out, etc.

What do you consider a “beach read”? What types of books do you like to read in the summer? Are they different than the rest of the year? (I haven’t really noticed any shift for me; I tend to read the same types of stories throughout the year. I’d love to hear your thoughts!)

Write about cooling down. This might involve cooling down from an argument or stressful situation. Or literally cooling down, such as an air-conditioned movie theater or a trip to the mountains.

Does your main character have any summer vacation plans? Where are they headed and who made that decision? Are they looking forward to it? Why or why not? What are they worried about? What do they most hope will happen on the trip? What might surprise them along the way?