We talked at the beginning of the year about writing goals. Now that we’re approaching summer, I wonder how we are all doing. I don’t know if life has thrown you a curve ball or two, but I want to leave space for that possibility.

As for me, my day job as a lawyer has been taking up more of my time than anticipated. And the nature of it—litigation involves so much conflict—can be draining.

But I love spring. The warmer weather. The flowers. The sunshine. Did I mention the warmer weather?

Every day I take our Yorkie, Blue, for a walk. He’s a rescue dog and we don’t know for sure how old he is. Suffice it to say, he’s a senior dog. He can’t walk as long as he used to. With these limitations in mind, I help him down the front steps and off we go. We sniff at interesting smells (Blue) and admire the latest hydrangea blooms (me). By the time we return home, we might have solved a plot problem or two.

My friend Renea Winchester recently asked me, “How is your story unfolding?” I found this so lovely. It’s a completely non-judgmental question—the best kind.

How is your story unfolding, my friend?