Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to spending time with you this year as we explore fiction writing together. Our programming for 2022 centers around the theme of fiction writing as a journey. To get us started, I’d like to share a bit about some of the workshops that I’ll be offering.

Starting Off Strong: An Invitation to the Reader

Whether you’re brainstorming a new project or returning to an existing manuscript, this workshop is designed to help you get started. By using found objects—family heirlooms, items from nature, intriguing newspaper articles—we’ll uncover what sparks our imagination. We’ll also look at examples from contemporary literature—beginnings that sweep us into the story world. Your goal is to invite your ideal reader in and entice them to take this trip with you.

Mapping the Route: An Itinerary for Your Fiction Writing Journey

Let’s talk big picture practicalities. What do you want your fiction writing path to look like? Is an independent publisher a good fit? When do you need a literary agent and how do you get one? This session will be driven by participants’ questions and goals.

Navigating the Messy Middle: Are We There Yet?

Join me and another Piedmont author (or two!) to chat about different techniques for tackling what comes between an exhilarating beginning and dramatic ending. This event will include a panel discussion as well as audience participation. When it comes to narrative arc, it’s easy to get lost, but we’ll get you back on track.

Discovering the Destination: How Far We’ve Come

The right ending resonates with readers long after they’ve put down your story. Using visualization and meditation techniques, we’ll polish your final scene until it shines.

Coming Soon:

First up, join us Jan 24 at 6:30pm for a virtual workshop on Goal-Setting for Fiction Writers.

It’s New Year’s Resolution time! In this workshop we’ll identify concrete, attainable goals—customized for you—and brainstorm strategies for achieving them. Perfect for fiction writers at any stage. Let’s make 2022 your most productive year yet.

To sign up for this free online event, email me at hbelladams@gmail.com

The shared goal of our 2022 journey is to emerge anew—unstuck and re-oriented. Together we’ll find our way.