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I am working to bring the voices of writers in our community to your ears as quickly as possible via the Artist Soapbox podcast.

May these voices and conversations be:

  • comforting or stimulating
  • thought-provoking or soothing
  • inspiring or sheltering
  • or whatever you need at this moment in time.

My needs seem to change from hour to hour, but I do find comfort in the connection I feel after a 40 minute conversation with another human being about creativity, life, writing, process, and meaning. These conversations are sustaining me in a moment when I feel very isolated and worried.

You’ll see the most recent podcast episodes listed below, in case you’ve missed them. If now is not the best time for you to listen, then they will be here when you are ready. If you have questions that you’d like me address in upcoming interviews, please let me know. Sending you love.

[Note: the episodes listed above are related to writing from March 13-27. There are additional episodes with other creatives at www.artistsoapbox.org. Please reach out if you need a transcript.]