Sadie with her Gratitude Poem Line

Last Saturday, I got to spend part of the afternoon at the Durham Art Walk, inviting passersby to share the things for which they’re grateful. Little did I know what a moving and delightful afternoon it would turn out to be, as several dozen people, aged 2 to 70-something, stopped by to add their sentence strip gratitudes to our list poem, which you’ll find below. (I played a little with the order, to make sure everyone’s lines would shine.) Thanks to everyone who participated and wishing you all a wonderful season of gratitude.

Gratitude Poem


I’m grateful for a “hello” from just anybody as I’m walking down the street,
a sunny day with a cool breeze,
for color and words and music and food.
A lonely dog met a quiet cat—she cannot be more thankful for their friendship.
I am thankful for family and good food,
each morning that greets me & every sunset,
for God because he made us alive (Tara, 6 years).
my dog (Rocket), he gets me,
my family and friends, they are always there for me,
meeting wonderful strangers who inspire me to embrace my imperfections,
find beauty in all interactions and remind me that this moment is perfect,
because it just is.
I am grateful for surprise outcomes that can arise
when I let go and trust in the goodness of the universe,
sunshine in the wintertime,
for wonderful friends,
this beautiful community,
my God-given talents,
the high places I’ll go and the people I’ll meet.
I’m grateful for having a life,
the way I was raised, filled with love and support
I’m grateful for having a nice mom. Love you, Mom.
I am grateful for my sweet husband.
I am thankful for my family and my dog,
family and friends who love me through thick and thin.
I’m grateful for my mom, dad and my grandparents,
the natural world and the peace and beauty it brings,
my children and grandchildren who bring me infinite joy.
I’m grateful God created me in his image.
I’m grateful for my friends,
my home, son, old friends, my dog
warm weather and summer,
every time someone smiles.

I hope you’ll all come back to meet me at the Durham Arts Council from 5:00 to 8:00 pm on December 15th to make poetry holiday cards and New Year’s (re)solutions (our ideas for ways to make the world a better place). I hear there will be ballet dancers and cookie-decorating that evening, too, so there will be something for everyone!Mimi Herman and Gratitude group poem


Photo of Sadie, age 9, by her mom.
Photo of gratitude poem by Susan Tierney, Durham Arts Council
Photo of Mimi Herman, Piedmont Laureate by Helen Wu